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Search through our massive database of TikTok creators with over one million creator profiles. Instantly find TikTok influencers who are qualified and ready to promote your product.

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Download a Sample of TikTok Creator Data

Just fill out the form below with your desired filters. We will instantly send a sample straight from our database to your email.

Influencer Data You Can Actually Use

Generic data collection solutions will leave you with a heap of mostly useless data. This tool lets you filter the data you need before you download it, so it's perfectly tailored to your marketing strategy. Filter your search based on these critical parameters.
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Email address

Only export creators that have an email address listed. This is our most popular feature.
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Follower count

Set a threshold for the follower count influencers should have.
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Target specific locations by filtering for that specific area.

Over One Million Creators to Search From

Don't waste your time with tools that only get you a small handful of contacts. Many businesses are doing it big, and so are we. When you search our database of over 1,000,000 profiles, you will get data suited for bulk outreach.
toughdata product visual - export tiktok follower data from a mobile device

Find Influencers Instantly for Systematic Outreach

Web scraping takes time and money. You will wind up with a ton of data that you need to sort through yourself. While scraping has its place, it isn't ideal for fast-moving brands and businesses.

Direct download makes finding influencers and brand advocates far more convenient and customizable. Instantly export creators from our database who are qualified to promote your product.

Get in touch with potential customers and affiliates

Finding affiliates to promote your brand doesn't have to be so difficult. There's no shortage of prospects on TikTok, and we're here to help you find them. Use this tool to streamline your creator outreach.

Build your marketing empire with custom datasets.

So far, the first couple exports I did were HUGELY helpful, as I’d previously just had to go through and click follower profiles one-by-one. If this little program succeeds, we’d continue to do exports on a long term basis.

Andras Szabo

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Your concerns are our priority:

Contact us and we will work out a custom plan. We help our customers scale if they require custom or niche datasets.

Yes. We will get the job done for you and extract data within your niche. Just contact us and we will set up a plan.

Custom Datasets for Your Brand's Needs

Every business has its own needs when it comes to data extraction. Get in touch if you a custom dataset, or would like a sample.