Instant TikTok Follower Export Tool

Ditch the chrome extensions that will get your account banned. We scrape TikTok followers instantly so you can stay relevant, sell better, and earn more without risk.

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Powering growth for 2,000+ creators and marketing professionals.

Get TikTok follower data instantly

Pointing and clicking to find TikTok collaborations will take hours. Use this tool to instantly export TikTok follower data filled with details on creators, brands, and prospects. Who says tough guys can't be smart?
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Email extraction

Load up your CRM with new contacts and maximize your outreach. We extract emails from user bio's and linked websites. This is our most popular feature.
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Fake follower check

Don't waste precious resources on bots and fake accounts. Our AI can spot them with 90% accuracy.
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Engagement check

See where you stand with your followers. We help you tailor your strategy by calculating engagement for every profile you export.
toughdata product visual - export tiktok follower data from a mobile device

TikTok follower scraper for systematic outreach

Content creation is risky. This tool will get you the data you need to thrive.
  • Export TikTok followers to Excel
  • Scrape all public profile data
  • Detect fake followers with AI
  • Calculate engagement rate
  • Extract emails of prospects

Get in touch with potential customers and affiliates

Finding affiliates to promote your brand doesn't have to be so difficult. Everyone who follows an influencer in your niche is a prospect, and we're here to help you find them. Use this tool to streamline your creator outreach.

Build your marketing empire by extracting follower information.

Scrape business-essential data from TikTok followers

TikTok's meteoric rise is not just a trend, it's a revolution. Don't miss it. Position yourself at the forefront with data that speaks volumes.

profile data Profiles

Extract these details for each user

User ID
Followers and following count
Video count
Private account
Seller account
Average engagement
Is a bot

video data Videos

Extract these details for each video

Video ID
Creation date and time
Hashtags & Mentions
Music details

So far, the first couple exports I did were HUGELY helpful, as I’d previously just had to go through and click follower profiles one-by-one. If this little program succeeds, we’d continue to do exports on a long term basis.

Andras Szabo

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For TikTok Professionals on a Time Crunch

Each TikTok follower represents a potential customer, collaborator, or brand advocate. This tool allows serious marketing professionals to tap into this world of opportunity at the click of a button.

Clarity, Transparency, Results

Your concerns are our priority:

Contact us and we will work out a custom plan. We help our customers scale if they require more data than any of our tiered plans can provide.

No. We handle all of the logins and account rotation on our end. We aim to provide a service that makes things easier for you.

Absolutely not. We do not charge extra for proxy usage or compute costs. All of our scraping requests are sent through high quality proxies so you can get the data you need reliably without having to pay extra.


It depends on how large the task is. The duration typically ranges from 1-10 minutes. Requests over 4,000 become slower due to rate-limiting and can take up to 20 minutes. Our profile scraper works instantly.

As mentioned above, we can only grab up to 5,000 records per profile at a time. Additionally, TikTok stores a cached, or "snapshot" version of their follower and following lists. This means that some of the usernames are not up-to-date. On older accounts, around 20% of the usernames are out-of-date and not active. On newer accounts, the percentage is lower.

Custom Solutions for Your Brand's Needs

Every business has its own needs when it comes to data extraction. Get in touch if you need more volume, database integration, custom features, or more.