Hands-Free TikTok Captcha Solver API

TikTok captcha's are nothing to cry about. Get un-blocked easily with our AI-powered solver. Integrate our API and you'll be blasting through TikTok CAPTCHA's in no time.

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Automatically solve any TikTok CAPTCHA

The bane of an automation professional's existence. They stop your flow dead in its tracks, and get your accounts banned for failing them. But you don't need to give up on your projects or compromise your accounts. You can trust our lightning fast TikTok CAPTCHA solving API to deliver instant solutions to your automation flows.
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Send us the puzzle and piece images, and we'll instantly send back how far you need to drag the slider.
tiktok rotate captcha icon


Send us the inner and outer rotate images, and we'll tell you how far it needs to rotate.
tiktok 3d shapes captcha icon

3D shapes

Send us the challenge image, and find where you need to click to select the matching shapes.
toughdata product visual - export tiktok follower data from a mobile device

Solve TikTok Captchas Without Fail

You can count on us to be fast and accurate. Don't waste your time with solvers that will fail the test, timeout, and get your accounts flagged.
  • AI-powered
  • Instant response
  • Dead accurate
  • Quality documentation
  • 24/7 support

Making integrations easy as pie

We understand that web automation is difficult, especially when third party API's are brought into the equation. If you've tried other captcha solvers, you may have been disappointed with the lack of documentation, code samples, or support. The developers at Toughdata understand this, and have done our best to provide top-notch documentation and code examples that will get you up and running as fast as possible.

Our API is easy to understand and well-documented.

See it in action

Here's an example of us using our API and Playwright automation to bypass the challenge. We tell Playwright to grab the images, send them to the API, and get the solution back.
Bypass any TikTok captcha

For automation professionals who won't give up

Don't let the Captcha stop you from running your TikTok automation. Toughen up your bots and integrate our API.

Clarity, Transparency, Results

Your concerns are our priority:

Contact us and we will work out a custom plan. We help our customers scale if they require more data than any of our tiered plans can provide.

No. All the automation runs on your end, we do not keep any data.

Absolutely not. We do not charge extra for proxy usage or compute costs.

Get in touch

Our CAPTCHA solver is brand new, and we're still working on getting it deployed. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want early access for testing.