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Create TikTok Accounts At Scale With Hyperaccs

Greg Bizup
Apr 14, 2024

an image of a software application used to register tiktok accounts in bulk

The need for an account creation solution

If you're into social media marketing or web scraping, there's a good chance you're spending way too much time setting up accounts. Sure, you can set up ten or so accounts in an hour, but what if they all get banned? You will have to go back and set them up again. Or, what if you need 1,000 accounts, or 10,000?

Account creation at this scale is simply not possible without the right tools. Fortunately, there's excellent software out there for automating such mundane tasks that can save you hours, if not days.

Introducing Hyperaccs - A tool to mass-create TikTok accounts

To address this, I created Hyperaccs as a specialized solution for generating accounts on TikTok. It leverages browser automation with human-like motions, captcha solving, and email verification to create accounts that are as good as man-made. When used properly, about 98% of the accounts created with Hyperaccs will survive.

Dealing with the Captcha on registration

Hyperaccs has many interesting features, but the one I believe most impressive is its ability to solve Captcha's. It does so using AI image-processing, which is incredibly accurate.

When creating accounts on TikTok, we are inevitably confronted with one of three Captcha challenges: a puzzle, a rotate, or 3d shapes. Hyperaccs solves any of these three captchas with perfect accuracy, which is really quite impressive.

Email verification during account creation

Hyperaccs accomplishes the account creation via email verification. When setting up the accounts, you just enter the email settings and it will receive the verification code, and enter it when prompted.

Automated account setup

As if just going through registration wasn't enough, it will also set the accounts up for you. This includes changing the account nickname, bio, and profile picture. There is even an option to add random pixel noise to the profile picture, so TikTok doesn't detect it as a duplicate.

The feature which allows Hyperaccs to scale beautifully is that it is multithreaded. This means you can run any number of processes as you want. If your computer and internet are robust enough, you will be able to run at least 10 simultaneous processes.

How to have the most success registering multiple TikTok accounts

There are a few important things to keep in mind when using automation software. Namely, you need a fast computer, a good internet connection, and good proxies.

Good proxies will ensure your anonymity and prevent accounts from getting banned. There's many options, but I think the fastest and highest quality are ISP proxies from Bright Data. ISP proxies blend the anonymity of residential with the speed of datacenter proxies, making them ideal for mas automation.

Export account cookies for smooth logins

This is certainly not the last feature, as there are many to discuss, but it is the last one I will mention. The export functionality of the software is very much aligned with the needs of digital marketers. When you export the accounts you created, it gives you the account login details, but also the browser cookies that are associated with the account. Having the cookies allows for seamless login integration with anti-detect browsers, and helps to avoid bans.

A quick demonstration of the software

Check out this demonstration of the tool, where an account is registered and configured. At the end, you can see that the account was successfully created and is visible on TikTok.


All in all, I think this is a very useful app for digital marketers and web scrapers to try out. I certainly use it in my every day life as a web scraper to get the accounts I need.